“I fucking love ur pic”

Cindy – Marseille, FR

@sin4sindy: I fucking love ur pic, are u from amsterdam ?
@iamsanderdekker: Thank you, yes I am
@sin4sindy: Im actually coming to A’dam tomorrow

This is how I met Cindy, from one day to another. We took a couple of snaps during her very short visit in Amsterdam and talked about photography and art. Before she went, Cindy gave me an open invitation to visit her in Marseille whenever I was in France. This happend a year later. When I arrived at the house, I was pleasantly surprised by its character and the many original seventies elements. It turned out to be Cindy’s parental home where she was raised by very open-minded parents. This clearly reflects in her character and in the fun pictures we took during a great weekend. – Sander Dekker



Sander Dekker / www.mynameissanderdekker.com / www.instagram.com/iamsanderdekker/
Cindy / www.instagram.com/sin4sindy/