Noise Complaint Room 305

Sizzling noises of pink neon signs, softly gurgling, turquoise chlorinated water drops on the tiles. Distant bright lights illuminate deserted spaces. Lighting up a cigarette, smoldering, tap tap tap on the ashtray. Holographic glitter patterns immersing into flickering lights. Footsteps and squeaky rubber sounds trail away into the beat resounding in the blurry pastel floor maze.
Dusk turns into dawn, the music has faded away, noises like waves hit from the distant sea. Constant banging on the door reminiscent of fuzzy memories seemingly long ago.

Photographer: Sam Livm (http://www.samlivm.com)
IG: @samlivm1
Model & Styling: Maria Kn 
IG: @mariaknmodel
Spandex bodysuit, catsuit and flared pants: Lena Quist
IG: @lenaquist
Latex accessories and underwear: Hadas Hinkis
IG: @hadas_hinkis
Latex coat: Florian Máthé
IG: @an_elastic_world