“On June 2018 I was involved in accident that took me back to the beginning.


I had to train my left eye to do what my right eye has been doing since I was 6-years-old,

train my hands to be able to open a bottle of water,

train my back to be able to carry my weight and stand tall,

train my balance and inner ear to know when I’m laying down or when I’m standing without falling down.


I had to train my body to be strong again. My body wasn’t the same; the pain took over and to be honest, it hasn’t left.


So there we were, 6 months after, in a sand dune, wrapped in a fabric, letting the moment take us in, being patient, letting my body mark the pace.


At this very moment, holding it tightly, I remembered there’s nothing better than this: to feel.”


And that’s what it felt like- to be reborn from ashes.

Model: Renata Collado @renatacollado  https://www.instagram.com/renatacollado/?hl=en

Photographer: Victoria Lemus @victorialemmus  https://www.instagram.com/victorialemmus/

Location: Malibu, Los Angeles.