From the mind tanks of MAHKA and MY CAMERA MY RULES comes
I get it! You’re super busy. You’ve got a ridiculous amount of things to fit into 24
hours. You need fabulous comfort for every minute. You can’t even finish reading
this sentence, I GET IT BOO!
The least concerning task should be getting ready.
So don’t get ready, stay ready.
Chuck some sneakers, heels or dress shoes in your bag and go baby!
This silky, leopard print universally unisex line is breaking boundaries and
instigating a new sense of progression that will no doubt become a global
standard. Kudos Kweens.
Jebediah Shorten
Photographer: Nicoline Aagesen
Models: Benjamin, Marius, Daryll, Anita, Lansala, Alize, Jasmine, Akiko, Andrew & Shirley