7 November 2022

Alicia Davis

Eszter Sara Cseh

" I feel a deep connection with this theme and I also have a passion for the style of old times. I would like to create a dreamy, minimal series with a hint of a nostalgic, retro vibe"


Reporting in from SANTIAGO DE CHILE

Arina Biketova

We love this 90’s Russian Lolita stripper-inspired analog feature.

Vanja Ivosevic

This is a story about a feline that never purrs, starring amazing and talented beauty – Milena.

Katsuki Tanaka

It’s not just love. I want you to see more. I want to be more popular. I want to have sex. I’m sure everyone is thinking about that kind of thing deeply. We are looking for such a black candy.

Errico Fabio Russo

New editorial by Artizians artist Errico Fabio Russo capturing stunning Adriana in Milan.

Nicoline Aagesen

NOT just a model, this young lady is on fire. Law graduate, spin instructor, influencer, dancer… this girl got it all.

Alex Lang 

Poolside, Valley style. Shot on Kodak Portra 400, Portra 160.

Roman Rosa

Une plongée dans un univers subtil, déstructuré parfois même provocant. Un mélange d’euphorie et d’aliénation,  dénonce l’idéalisation de la beauté de manière engagée. Une certaine mélancolie à travers le regard faisant de ces expressions un cri de sincérité.”
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