Outta This World

Whitney Vertucci

Don't miss one of our absolute favorite editorial exclusive to Artizians Magazine by Diego Triplab
" I feel a deep connection with this theme and I also have a passion for the style of old times. I would like to create a dreamy, minimal series with a hint of a nostalgic, retro vibe"
"My work is deeply influenced by feminine energy, that which is ethereal, magical, emotional, unpredictable, vulnerable, and free”
Artizians x POP Copenhagen … the exhibition continues. Curator Tiziana des Pallieres latest exhibition showcasing contemporary photography.
This is a story about a femme fatale. About finding yourself among the streets of the city and comforting in attracting attention and challenge. The story of the interweaving of male and female – power and sexuality, is about freedom, audacity, and appeal.
Hello, old friend. I remember that morning when Josh told me how excited he was to finally get the car of his dreams. It was a matter of time to be on the road with him, so I did. Without any hesitation, I was so intrigued to test this monster on the roads of England.  I’ve got to say that the first time I saw it I became speechless. It really leaves your mouth opened, literally. It was one of those “jaw-dropping” moments.


"Light is my inspiration, my paint and brush. It is as vital as the model herself. Profoundly significant, it caresses the essential superlative curves and lines. Light I acknowledge as the energy upon which all life on this planet depends."

Michael Walrond


Karim shares about his iconic photography at Burning Man and and his journey to photography

Karim Tabar


Nicoline Aagesen 

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Duran Levinson
Outta This World
Exclusive Interview with Michael Walrond
Exclusive Interview with Karim Tabar

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Danish raised, Hong Kong-based Photographer Nicoline Aagesenis a sucker for imperfections. A self-confessed adventure junkie with an addiction to travel, Nicoline has pushed the boundaries of Hong Kong’s underground fashion photography scene since 2013.
Christian is a documentary and fashion photographer hailing from Barcelona possessing a certain nonchalance and carefree spirit, which is reflected in his non-intrusive imagery.
Sergio del Amo is a Spanish photographer based out of Asia. Born into a family that belonged to the fashion industry, his father Luis del Amo a well-known photographer, and his mum Carina Otero is a model that traveled and work around the world in the ’80s and early ’90s.
Duran Levinson  discovers the Asian streets he walks on at the same time the models that appear in his photographs do. He always likes to recreate a first time – a first place, a first model, a first shot.