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Christian is a documentary and fashion photographer hailing from Barcelona; the vibrant, beautiful, culturally intriguing capital of Catalonia, Spain. Like Barcelona itself, Navarro possesses a certain nonchalance and carefree spirit, which is reflected in his non-intrusive imagery. Having been in front of the camera working as a model for more than ten years, Navarro has had his fair share of experience in the photography scene. Modeling inspired his deep fascination with photography and the realization it was time for him to take control of the lens. Navarro is inspired by legendary fashion photographers like Peter Lindbergh or Magnum Photos agency member Christopher Anderson. Drawing from these inspirations, he looks to encapsulate the life and soul of a scene or subject and freeze in time the extraordinary things that pass us by. Whether through composition or subject matter, he hopes each of his photographs tells a different story, and that they portray far more than just a pretty picture.