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We Don’t Play Guitars

Photographer: Diego Triplab
Model: Lucia Rodriguez &
Stefania Delpapa

Photographer Diego Triplab’s infectious energy bursts forth in this exclusive editorial, a playful session brimming with laughter and a touch of friendly competition.  The stars of the show are Lucia Rodriguez and Stefania Delpapa, who trade the runway for a music studio in a shoot that celebrates the joy of trying something new.While the editorial hints at a musical theme, the focus here is less on technical expertise and more on the uninhibited spirit of exploration.  Neither Lucia nor Stefania claim mastery of the guitar, but their playful attempts at wielding the instrument create a sense of lighthearted fun that permeates every frame.  Diego Triplab expertly captures their infectious energy, transforming what could have been a posed session into a vibrant display of genuine amusement.

The use of the music studio as a backdrop adds a touch of whimsy to the scene.  The atmosphere is relaxed and inviting, with instruments and recording equipment serving as playful props.  Lucia and Stefania’s outfits, though stylish, are comfortable and allow for freedom of movement, further emphasizing the carefree spirit of the shoot.

This editorial is a refreshing reminder that the most captivating moments are often unscripted.  Diego Triplab’s keen eye captures the essence of fun and friendship, proving that magic can be found in the most unexpected places, even when attempting to conquer a new skill. 

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