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Sweet & Wild

Photography: Fernando 
Model:  Eloissa 

These captivating images by Fernando captures the essence of an unexpected encounter, blurring the lines between the sweet and the wild. Our gaze falls upon Eloissa, a woman with captivating eyes, the deepest shade we’ve ever witnessed. The scene unfolds on a seemingly ordinary Friday morning. A persistent doorbell disrupts the routine, and upon opening the door, Eloissa stands there, her gaze locking with the resident’s.  Intrigued, perhaps mesmerized, they both ascend the stairs, entering the apartment.


The presence of a feline companion adds a whimsical touch. The cat’s mellow meow becomes a warm welcome, a bridge between human and newcomer.  Perhaps even more intriguing, the caption hints at a remarkable ability – Eloissa speaks “cat.”


This single image sparks a narrative full of questions.  Is Eloissa a kindred spirit, a fellow cat whisperer?  Is there a deeper connection waiting to be explored?  Fernando masterfully captures this moment of unexpected connection, leaving the viewer to ponder the sweetness and the wild possibilities that lie ahead.


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