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Photography: Eszter Sara Cseh
Make-up: Barbi Nógrádi 
Models: Róza, Liza Budavari, Dorka  
Swimsuits: Philomen Studio  

Eszter Sarah, a photographer whose work is as captivating as it is versatile, takes a refreshing plunge into the world of minimalist fashion with this stunning series. Known for her elaborately detailed portraits and meticulously arranged compositions, Eszter demonstrates a masterful command of simplicity in this collection inspired by vintage swimwear.

Bathed in a palette of soft, sophisticated pastels, the photographs evoke a sense of nostalgia for a bygone era. Clean lines and uncluttered backgrounds create a dreamlike serenity, allowing the focus to fall entirely on the models – Róza, Liza Budavari, and Dorka. Their elegant poses echo the classic grace of the era, their figures bathed in a soft, ethereal glow.

The swimsuits themselves, meticulously crafted by Philomen Studio, transcend mere garments. They become timeless pieces, their muted tones and clean cuts mirroring the overall elegance of the aesthetic. Far from ostentatious displays of fabric, these swimsuits are testaments to the power of understated beauty.

This series is a masterclass in the art of “less is more.” Eszter Sarah proves that captivating imagery doesn’t require an explosion of color or intricate details. Here, beauty resides in the quiet strength of minimalism. The photographs, like perfectly preserved memories, capture the essence of a bygone era with a touch of modern sophistication. The vintage inspiration is undeniable, yet the execution feels fresh and contemporary.

One can’t help but be drawn into this dreamy world Eszter Sarah has created. The gentle play of light and shadow, the flawless symmetry of composition, and the captivating expressions of the models all come together to create a series that is both visually stunning and emotionally evocative.


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