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Duran Levinson

Duran Levinson is a 29-year-old photographer and cinematographer from Cape Town, currently based in Berlin. He has worked for clients such as Reebok, Puma, and VICE and has been featured in exhibitions worldwide. Duran’s passion lies in film photography, and he pursues themes such as finding interesting people on the street, fashion, portraits, and capturing what is not considered the norm of society in his photos.


Duran draws inspiration from filmmakers who use the moving image to tell stories, and his favourite photographer is Roger Ballen. He believes that a memorable photograph is one that connects with the viewer and allows them to formulate their own story. Duran hopes to indirectly portray an emotion, whether it’s negative, positive or neutral, through his work. His main motivation for photography is his passion for telling stories and getting better at his craft.


Duran enjoys leaving most of his street work and personal projects up to chance and seeing what the moment brings. He has developed a style within his work through this method and hopes to continue growing in this regard. Social media has played a positive role in Duran’s career, as he has been able to find people to collaborate with, work with brands, and meet amazing people from around the world.