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Nicoline Aagessen

Nicoline Aagesen is a talented photographer who has been making waves in underground fashion photography scene since 2013. Her work has been showcased in prestigious exhibitions across the globe, including in Australia, London, Hong Kong, Los Angeles, Ibiza, and Denmark.

Aagesen’s photography style is bold, unapologetic, and unedited, pushing the boundaries of what we expect from fashion photography. Her unique approach is marked by a distinct lack of retouching, resulting in raw and authentic images that capture the essence of her subjects. Her work has been described as fun, erotic, and post-feminist, reflecting her refusal to conform to conventional beauty standards. Despite the provocative nature of her work, Aagesen encourages her audience not to take her photographs too seriously. Her intention is to challenge preconceived notions of beauty and sexuality, and to celebrate the unique and individual nature.

Nicoline Aagesen’s brand, My Camera My Rules (MCMR), is her playground, where she turns her fantasies into reality. She describes it as her personal diary and time machine. The brand was born after encountering a particularly confrontational model she was shooting, and she responded with “My Camera My Rules!”. She is a co-founder of Artizians, a creative agency headquartered in London, where she sees herself as a female empowerment photographer. Her work challenges stereotypes of body representation while adding shock value and sex appeal to her portraits.


In a world where image is everything, Aagesen’s approach is refreshingly authentic, reminding us of the power of embracing our true selves. Her work is a testament to the limitless possibilities of fashion photography, and to the beauty that can be found when we dare to break free from convention.