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Black Candy

Photographer: Katsuki Tanaka 
Model: Carolina 

Do you have a secret side hidden from the world? That part of your heart that holds your deepest and most passionate desires? This is your “black candy.

In fashion, we often explore the alluring and mysterious side of our personality, dressing it up and bringing it to the surface. Similarly, social media has opened the door to the sexual realm, allowing people to openly express their desires. But with freedom comes responsibility.

So what is “black candy”? It is the sweet but dark side of our character that we may be trying to hide. But like candy, it can be tempting and potentially harmful. Be mindful of what you are learning and always prioritize your safety.

Remember that things may not always be as they seem, so stay true to yourself and never lose sight of your values. Take your black candy, but do it wisely.


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