Cigarettes & Video Games

Photographer: Deivi García  
Models: Maria Camila Samudio 
Canela Bayona  
Styling: Maria Camila Samudio  
Styling Assistant: Teffi Oviedo  
Location: Bogota, Colombia 

October 3, 2021

Maria Camila & I spend a lot of time together, even though we both have a super busy agenda; every so often we love to create something new just for fun. This shoot was particularly special to us because we’ve been dying to film with another girl since a long time ago. 
Canela is one of Camila’s best friends and they’re living in the same building, so being able to collaborate with them together on a shoot was one of our bucket lists. The night was perfect, this couple is a bombshell; they can become any character I suggest and their chemistry was dope. Can’t wait to photograph this team again!