Tel Aviv

Photographer: Mike Ivnitsky  
Photographer Assistant: Linor Ona 
Stylist: Anna Levdev 
Makeup Artist: Michal Neiger 
Models: Lia Chismario and Nataly R
Brands: Levis, Missoni, Zara, Sashubo Swimsuits, Pearla Jewelry, Calvin Klein, Armani 


Ann, the talented stylist, and photographer Michael Ivnitsky had the pleasure of collaborating with a promising new model agency for a fashion shoot. Assembling a top-notch team, we spent a day in the studio, bringing our creative visions to life. Notably, the shoot was captured entirely on film, courtesy of Michael Ivnitsky’s skilled photography. The resulting images exude a timeless and authentic charm, a testament to the artistry of the team and the enduring beauty of analog photography.


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