The Creative Trio

Photographer(s): Nicoline Aagesen
Model(s): Akiko Sakai
Location: Hughie Doherty 

Get ready to immerse yourself in a world of gritty, unapologetic art and photography with the latest collaboration between Nicoline Aagesen, Mahka, and Akiko Sakai. The 3 Hong Kong-based artists have come together to bring you a series that is the narratives, the story of image creation.¬† Set against the backdrop of Hughie Doherty’s gritty location, this series is a true celebration of everything that is raw, unbridled, and unapologetic. From the bold colors to the rough textures, every aspect of this collaboration is a testament to the power of art and photography to capture the essence of co-creation.

So if you’re looking for something that is both raunchy and grungy, look no further than Nicoline Aagesen, Mahka, and Akiko Sakai’s latest collaboration. It’s a series that is sure to leave you feeling alive and inspired, ready to take on the world with all the passion and energy that you can muster.


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